Cathy Maloney Cathy Maloney BS, RN, Cathy has practiced nursing for more than forty years.

Her Bachelor’s Degree was in Nuclear Medicine and after working in that field for a couple of years she decided to follow her sister and mother and get a degree in nursing. She graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a degree in nursing and began working in Cardiac ICU in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cathy and her husband Mike moved to Atlanta in 1987, and she started working in Intensive Care. Later she worked in preop and postoperative care surgical center.

After Cathy’s two children started school she decided to work in the school system as a nurse for special needs children. Cathy is looking forward to being a grandmother for the first time in August. Cathy has cared for her own elderly mother and continues to monitor her mother-in-law as she ages.

When Cathy decided to join Solutions For Seniors, she stated that she loves working with older adults. We are delighted to have Cathy join our Roswell team.