Solutions For Seniors® Services

Our staff is made up of experienced Registered Nurses and a Certified Physician's Assistant. We offer decades of experience in geriatric care both in hospitals and in home care. We can provide the knowledge that will help families deal with the problems of older individuals as well as walk you through the process of aging.

Solutions For Seniors Care Management Team

Our Registered Nurses are experienced geriatric care professionals.

We can be available for regular visits to assess an individual's medical and social needs. When family members live at a distance, or simply want the time they spend with their loved one to be quality time, it can be reassuring to know that a qualified professional is monitoring their older loved one's health, safety, and well-being.

Our RN Care Managers can also coordinate appropriate services for clients, as well as assess the level of care required to make appropriate referrals. We have extensive knowledge about costs, quality and availability of services in the community. We have a comprehensive database of alternative living options and our research will help determine the best options for your loved one.

Care Management Services we provide

  • Geriatric nursing assessment
  • Evaluation of safety issues
  • Making appropriate referrals
  • Determine the right level of care
  • Manage chronic diseases
  • Provide living environment assessments
  • Manage and monitor medication
  • Attend doctor appointments
  • Manage care plans

Our RN Care Manager will...

  • Closely monitor and manage the care of an older person
  • Help reduce hospitalizations and avoid crises
  • Monitor weight, blood pressure, glucose levels, and nutritional needs
  • Monitor wound care
  • Communicate with your doctor or specialist regularly
  • Provide progress reports for the family

Other Services Provided:

  • Overall Physical Assessment
  • Evaluation of Balance & Gait
  • Physical Self Maintenance (ADL) Scale
  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL Scale)
  • Geriatric Depression Scale
  • Environmental Assessment(home safety, lighting, room accessibility, bathroom safety,etc.)
  • Mini-Mental State Exam
  • Long-term Care Insurance Assessments