Solutions For Seniors
Trey, Pam, and I want to thank you for the care you have provided for our family for nearly 10 years. You have lots of material if you ever write your book! Our family sends our gratitude to you as you and your family celebrate this Thanksgiving. With Love & Thanks, Trey, Pam, & Lisa
Mariah D.
Your steadfast care, guidance, love, and support helped us so much with our dad. Thank you also for your tender wisdom.
Tony B.
Thank you for your support and care of my dad this past year. He got great care because of your terrific profession and your caring heart.
Debora Daniel
I first came to know Gayle having her as a continuing education speaker to our Stephen's Ministry Program at church and through referrals from friends who had used her services.

I can't say enough about Gayle and the service she has offered and continues to offer to our family. She discussed options with my mother, brother and myself, evaluated mom's health and abilities, offered a time line, and then helped us tour and chose an assisted living home when the time came. She developed a relationship with mom and always treats her with caring and respect. I call her the "Senior Whisperer" because of the wonderful way she has of getting to know her clients and their needs.
Paula Corwin
Gayle and her team came to our rescue in 2001, when I was at my wit's end dealing with my elderly mother (with lung and mobility issues) and younger sister (with progressive m.s.) who were living together in the NC family home. Neither was able to care for the other, nor did they want to move to GA. Gayle stepped in and found a lovely 2 bedroom apartment five minutes from my house in Marietta. The move went smoothly and my mom and sister were delighted with the new arrangement - happy to be in a place where they felt safe and could trust the staff to help when needed.

After Mom passed away, Gayle worked her magic again and located another home for my sister, better able to address her worsening m.s. symptoms. Again, that facility provided a loving environment, and Gayle and her team as well as the facility staff helped my sister feel loved and well cared for until she too passed away eight years later. We could not have gotten through those last years without Gayle and her staff, who were fierce advocates for my sister.

God truly blessed us with Gayle at the right time in our lives. She and her staff went beyond normal expectations to help with our complicated situation, giving us all peace in knowing that my family members were safe and loved in their last days. Solutions for Seniors was a real blessing in our lives.
Mrs. D. Johnson
Dear Gayle,

I cannot thank you enough for all your timely help with our family crisis regarding my husband. You guided us through a very rough time, presented to us all the options and the pros and cons of each. I appreciate your honest assessment of the situation and your efforts to prepare me for the likely future. Thank you your continued prayers as we work toward our new roles. Mrs. D. Johnson
Mary Thompson
Dear Gayle,

Life has been a blur the last two weeks since Mom died. I will ALWAYS be grateful for the patient and expert advice and support you gave me every step of the way. You were a light during my most stressful and confusing time. Thank you so much! Love, Mary Thompson
Terri Blair
Dear Gayle, I need to tell you how much you and Lee meant to me and my family as we cared for my mom the last few months. I am at peace, which I am certain would not be the case with out your guidance. Never doubt that you and your company are serving the Lord. With Love, Terri B.
Penny Hill
Dear Gayle, I am sorry to be so tardy in writing to thank you for all of your wisdom and guidance with my mother this winter. The two weeks in the hospital really saved her life and mine. I am sure her anxiety level would have brought on another stroke. Your ministry is an awesome one. You are really using the gifts God gave you to reflect His love and spread His peace. I also want to thank you for spending time with mother at her new assisted living home. I love knowing that she gets the extra attention that she needs. Thanks again for years of faithful service. In Christ, Penny H.
Joy Young
Dear Gayle, I have thought of you so often. Daddy died in January and I arrived at his bedside that same evening. Thank you for holding our hands throughout a very difficult journey with Alzheimer's. You were a priceless gift to us. Appreciatively, Joy Y.
Susan Dempsey
Dearest Gayle,

We who have seen you doing your best have limited words to express our gratitude. You were critical to the success of my mothers comfortable and peaceful move out of her home and into assisted living. This move expanded her independence and her social interaction. It also allowed her family members the comfort knowing that she was safe and cared for consistently. You stayed involved with telephone calls and visits and also providing us all of the options available for mother as her health continued to decline. Once again, your advice provided a peaceful and comfortable transition into Hospice and into Heaven.

Thank you for all of your compassion and love
Connie Davis
Dear Gayle,
You have been such a Godsend to me and my family these last few weeks. Solutions for Seniors is such a needed service and you give so much in such a personal relationship. As difficult as the last few weeks have been, I know that I would not have endured them without your love and concern! Grief is such a hard process. I am doing well and I wanted you to know that I treasure our times together and will always be grateful for you and all the help that you provided.
God Bless You!
Connie D.
Kathleen Vinson
Thank you so much for the outstanding services you have provided for my mother Marion. She is now doing so well in Indianapolis. Mynel was always so professional and ready to help in anyway. She was greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Kathleen
Ben Davenport
I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all of your support through the years. From counseling us when my mother moved in with us, to helping us find the right assisted living facility after her stroke, to guiding us to the best nursing home, you were always there when we needed you and your advice was always on target. The big smile on my Mom's face every time we visit her is a testimony to your skill and compassion. We could never have navigated this path without you. You not only guided us through the surprises, but you gave us confidence when you told us what we could likely expect in the future. You are amazing, and an answer to our prayers! God bless you Gayle!
Marilyn Shinn
Gayle, Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the stellar, speedy, and professional help you provided for our church member. We as a church were not equipped to give him the help he needed with his dear wife. You went "above and beyond" and were the hands and feet of Jesus. We are so grateful. From the FBC Church Staff
Jenny P.
My journey with my mother was a long one and one that became increasing difficult with each year she showed decline cognitively. Being long distance didn't help as well. But, having said that, I can't thank you, Barbara and your staff for the incredible support they gave to me. Going through this process with Mom would not have been doable without your staff. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you and your staff helped me through. She is in a much better place and that is the thought I readily go to when I am sad... and it has helped. Many thanks and the warmest regards.
Andrea H.
Thank you so very much for your sweet voice mail and card. Your involvement in our lives, especially mom’s, was a true balm. You helped me navigate some very uncharted and turbulent waters in the beginning. Your guidance allowed me to better understand what mom was going through personally as well as gave me strength and courage to make better decisions and not be enveloped in guilt and sorrow. Mom’s care manager, Lee Read has been such an angel. She spent so much time really interacting with mom. She truly got to know what part of mom was still available to know. Lee’s support to me has been nothing short of wonderful. She is the epitome of grace and compassion. I am very sad, but I cherish my time with mom. I held her hand as she took her last breath and feel it was an honor to shepherd her onto her next journey. You will always have my profound thanks, gratitude, and love.
Hi Gayle, I often think of you and how you helped so much during such a hard time in my life. I hope you are doing well.
Emily M.
Our consultation with you was indeed an answer to prayer. Of course my mother was not happy to give up driving but she understood the ramifications and is learning to accept the decision. You will be interested to know that she wanted to visit the senior living residence the afternoon we left you. She has since moved there [they remembered her and welcomed her warmly] and is settling in nicely. She is working on regaining some of the independence she missed living with us and we will still see her several times a week and make sure she gets to church, etc. Thank you for all your kind words to her. As I told my brother and sister, you listened intently to her and heard not only her words but all the issues behind her thoughts. You have a wonderful gift with others and I so appreciate your wisdom. Continued blessings in your work.
Mark N.
Gayle provides an invaluable service. She helped our family deal with my aging Mother when she was irrationally bound and determined to move from Florida to Georgia. Everyone in the family told her it was a bad idea, but she would listen to none of us. In one short counseling session with Gayle, Mom saw the light. I have continued to use Gayle's services, and know I depend on her vast experience and diplomatic nature to help resolve the toughest of family issues. What a blessing she has been to us.
Kent S.
My wife and I love Gayle Horton. At a time of great stress due to what proved to be Cindy's mother's Alzheimer's disease we hired Gayle to advise us. Her "bedside manner" was most comforting and her professionalism quickly made us confident that her advice was exactly right for our loved one and our family. She worked with us to find a competent neurological team and an excellent assisted living facility for memory impaired residents. Later when Marjorie's physical health deteriorated which necessitated hip surgery Gayle advised us again, this time providing one of her team to advise us during the surgery and subsequent therapy. My wife and I give Gayle and Solutions for Seniors our highest recommendation.
Mary E.
Solutions For Seniors® helped us through the loss of our dear mother. Without your knowledge of the industry and understanding of aging issues, we would have been lost. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
Murray H.
Both my sisters and I would like to thank you for all of the help you have provided us in moving my father from out of state. As you are well aware, this has been a very difficult time for us, but with your guidance and understanding you have made our situation less painful. Without you we would have been lost.
John E.
Solutions For Seniors® provided me with peace of mind that I was doing the right thing at the right time, and for the right reasons. Without Gayle's help, I would have always wondered if we were getting the best match of assisted living community for my parents' needs and means. Thanks to her knowledge and caring service the guess work was eliminated.
Pauline H.
I wanted to bring you up to date on my mom. She is doing remarkable well, and I am constantly surprised at her strength and positive attitude toward life. I think the peaceful way my dad actually passed away made all of the difference in the world. After seeing dad’s dramatic physical decline over the past year, depression and occasional delusions we had felt so frustrated and saddened that there was nothing any of us could do to bring him back to his former independent, vital self. Having your compassionate support and professional guidance during the last few month’s of my father’s life was a great comfort to our family.

Gayle, you’re quiet strength and faith in God’s plan shown like a beacon in all your contact with us. It helped me so much as I tried to serve my parents at this end of a lifetime. I was afraid of “screwing up.” I prayed for God’s help each step of the way, and I believe your support was divinely inspired. Thank you again for help and support. You are a treasure to all who have the privilege of knowing you. God must be so pleased with you and your heart for seniors!
Beverly A.
It has been about three months since Dad moved into the Assisted Living Community, and I want to let your know what a perfect match it is for him. He has settled in comfortably, eats with gusto in the dining room with fellow residents, and seems perfectly content with his life there. My sister and I will always be grateful for your compassion, your knowledge, your advice, and your perfect solution for our senior. I do believe it was divine intervention that led me to randomly come across your web site on the very day my father called to say he couldn’t live alone any longer! You are mensch, a godsend, and an angel!
Sara B.
Thank you for your involvement in Mama's move and during her three years at Manor. And thank goodness, you were available and willing to help with her, and help me with the transfer to Hospice. Without your professional assistance I believe her final day's would not have been as carefully managed as the Hospice staff provided. Alex and I have discussed often your assistance with her move here and the ideal fit it provided all of us. Your knowledge of the industry and facilities certainly was beneficial. I am deeply grateful for your help and assistance and for your friendship.
Sue P,
Thank you for all your help and all that Solutions For Seniors provided us these past few years. You provide a valuable service to the community. One which goes beyond the day to day operations of a business. One which offers hope and relief to families like ours. If you ever need a reference please consider me as a willing participant. Thanks again to you and Carol for all you have done.
Cynthia P.
Wonderful to see you again! I feel much more in control of this new situation with my mother. God bless your intuitive and sweet soul!
John W.
If there was ever a company that satisfied a need and filled it perfectly, yours is it! Your expertise and awareness of the difficulty families go through coupled with your keen knowledge of service providers made an impossible mountain of a task, simple. Without you I'm not sure what my family and I would have done. Your cool demeanor and assuring direction have made these last several weeks tolerable. You are truly a professional in every sense of the word. If I can ever be a reference for you, your sensitivity, and your company....Put me on the list.
Ed & Carol Morris
Dear Gayle,

We cannot thank you enough for your peace of mind assistance, not only for us but for my Dad as well. My Dad had been living with us for three years with periodic visits to my brother and sister in Florida. The role reversal position is a very difficult role to play. As of late last year my Dad was failing and the responsibility of his well being was totally in our hands. My dad had limited funds. I made many calls to social services, nursing homes and other referral sources, and I was getting desperate. Gayle, you stepped forward with a very calming, professional and understanding manner that was God's blessing. Within a short time my Dad was able to enter the right medical facility with highly skilled and trained personnel. His dignity was maintained as well as our peace of mind. The evaluation was thorough and very professional. Based on our needs and the clinic results, you stepped forth and had several Assisted Living Communities available for us to visit and evaluate. Presently my Dad is in an Assisted Living Home and getting the around the clock care that he needs, as well as the companionship of people his age. You have helped us in a ways. We will never be able to repay you for your guidance and knowledge. Please do not hesitate to give our name and telephone number for a reference. You gave all of us a means to complete a task that was very painful and heartbreaking.
Lynn P.
I met Gayle in the early years of my business while networking. Her number went into my database and I've always considered Gayle Horton and Solutions for Seniors to be a great asset. Whether my older clients or their families are in need of her services or a referral, Gayle never hesitates to offer her expertise. I've been fortunate to witness firsthand how the quality of a client's life improves when Gayle or her staff is involved.
JD Frazier
To Whom It May Concern: Anyone seeking guidance for themselves, family members, or friends regarding eldercare issues should rest well if choosing Gayle. The limit of 3 of the 7 traits offered as descriptors of Gayle's service left me with these 3 keys: 1. "Superlative work;" 2. "Knowledge;" and 3. "Trustworthy." All else flows from these. Invest well in Gayle. Trust her with the lives of loved ones!
Peggy D.
My husband and I first hired Gayle in 2006 to help us understand and gather more information about the dementia that was affecting my father-in-law. Gayle was the first to recognize that it was Lewy Body Dementia even before the doctors diagnosed it as such. She has been correct 100% of the way letting us know what to expect as the disease progresses. She helped us handle the details of moving my in-laws to a smaller home, research care giver options, and is currently working with us to consider our options concerning assisted living and hospice. She has been a godsend to our family. I highly recommend if you have questions about a parent's health (whether in state or out of state) that you contact Gayle. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Recent Testimonials
Mark McKinney
Jeff:  Thank you for your support.  Karen has provided tremendous support and knowledge since she began working with us over two years ago and continues to help me navigate this difficult landscape.  I am so glad to have had the assistance of Karen and Solutions for Seniors during this time.
Nancy Kelly
Dear Jeff, Karen was a big help today, helping with mom at Northside. Mom broke her hip Saturday, had surgery, and hopes to go back to assisted living this week. I am so grateful for Karen and Solutions For Seniors.
Marcia A.
Dear Mynel – you, Karen and Jeff have been wonderful. Your visits and informative reports are valued and greatly appreciated. Mom has benefited greatly from your involvement in her care. She seems to be more open with her health concerns as she gets to know you better. The weight lifted off our shoulders is immeasurable.
Shannon Everly
Thank you, Libby, for your report. It will make me feel so much better while I’m away to know that you’ll be checking on things!
Deborah C.
Thank you, Jeff and Karen. There are no words to express my appreciation for your willingness to take time out of your vacation to help with my mother. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and we look forward to continuing to work with you.
Dr C.
Thank you so much for all of your help over these past few weeks. My dad has learned much, including not giving Sheila the run around! It’s all a process. Thank you especially for helping Dad stay safe. The ENT appointment you were able to arrange on such short notice was truly a miracle. With much gratitude.