The Silent Generation

The Silent Generation - 1925 - 1942

They were called the "Silent Generation" or the gray flannel generation! They learned to live without, and save money like no other generation! Only 2% of this generation ever thought about being self-employed. Their role models were people who served in the military. History tells us that that they were cautious, unadventurous, and unimaginative. They were the generation without a cause, but they liked to discuss, review, and debate issues that are important to them.

This generation dominated the “Helping Professions” like teaching, medical services, and the ministry. They produced every major figure in the Civil Rights movement. The television was invented in 1949 when these folks were 7 to 24 years old.

We have learned that this generation focuses on people and they don’t consider rules are final. They like to bring in the experts to help with any decision. They don’t like loud music or loud people! If you try to sell them something, be certain that you show them how it will fit their core values, like frugality and responsibility.

This generation wants to maintain their independence, make their own decisions, and be treated with respect. They also do not want to be a burden to anyone. Their children have a very difficult time getting them to spend money when they need care.

These folks would rather live in their own home until death even if they are struggling physically to care for themselves. A Geriatric Nurse Care Manager can help older adults feel as independent as possible. They can also help guide a family making decisions about appropriate levels of care and placement options.

A Registered Nurse has experience in the medical field, and she understands the problems associated with aging and care giving. A qualified Geriatric Nurse Care Manager can help guide families through this unknown territory.

A Geriatric Nurse Care Manager will be supportive and an impartial advisor who will be invaluable when making life changing decisions that are difficult especially when time is limited. A Geriatric Nurse Care Manager can decrease the families stress level by using their experience and professional contacts to help navigate through the health care industry. As professionals, we can provide an objective assessment and care plan, while linking you to reliable resources and save you time and money.