Child holding a christmas ornament

This is the time of year when people start thinking about giving gifts. I am certain that the “perfect” gift depends on what age you are!It is amazing how long children’s lists may be for Santa Claus every year, but as we grow older our list becomes smaller and smaller.

A lady living in a Nursing Home was recently asked what she would like most for Christmas. Her answer came as a surprise. She said “I would give anything to have a visit from my son!”

My eight year old grandson told his dad recently that he doesn’t take time to play with him anymore! Children must spend time with their parents, and marriages fall apart when couples don’t make time for each other. I know how busy people have become, but once the moments are gone you can never get them back. The gift of time is always most important gift anyone can give.

The Wall Street Journal recently printed information about giving the “Perfect Gift,” and I thought I would share it in my December Newsletter.

  1. Give Your True Self – Gifts should reflect your taste and the recipient will feel closer to you. 
  2. Don’t Give Charity – Only close friends and parents enjoy receiving a charitable gift made in their honor.
  3. Avoid Stocking Stuffers – Don’t bundle a big present with extra add-on small items that with detract from the true gift.
  4. Be wary When Giving to Men – Men are tricky to buy for. They feel badly about a relationship when they receive a disappointing gift. Women’s views of a relationship are less affected.
  5. Give Well, But Above All Give – Just give! Giving to others makes even toddlers feel happier than receiving treats themselves.

Last but not least: No material gift can replace you being present for those you love. Say no to any distractions and do not be afraid to spend time alone with your friends and family. Turn off your cell phone and any other electronic device and enjoy your time without any interruptions.

Christmas is just around the corner and then it will be the New Year. I challenge everyone to give the gift of time this year, because it really is the “perfect gift!”